Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Mannington Adura Max - Luxury Vinyl Tiles

I recently stumbled upon the most beautiful photo of a Raleigh, North Carolina nail salon, Paint Base, and its design by MA Allen Interiors...They used LVT, or Luxury Vinyl Tiles, and the floors look amazing...Also, please note the chic Worlds Away James Cigar Tables and X Side Stools...(Thank you @worldsaway1). This looks like an amazing pedicure experience, appointment please!?
Image result for paint base nail salon north carolina
Paint Base, Raleigh, North Carolina Nail Salon

I found a few varieties I thought would be great in a beach condo, as they look like wood, but are waterproof and have a special sound reduction padding. Adura Max by Mannington in the following style and color options...Which do you like best!?

Adura Max - Seaport - Surf
Adura Max - Seaport - Surf

Adura Max - Seaport - Sandpiper

Adura Max - Seaport - Sandpiper

Adura Max - Dockside - (color unknown)

Adura Max - Dockside - Seashell

Adura Max - Dockside - Seashell

Adura Max - Dockside - Sand

Adura Max - Napa - Dry Cork

Adura Max - Napa - Dry Cork

Adura Max - Margate Oak - Coastline
Adura Max - Margate Oak - Coastline

Monday, August 14, 2017

Caroline's Window Treatments Continued...

I have been MIA on the blogging front this summer! We have been so busy over the last month or so traveling for two family weddings in Michigan, having our good friends from St. Louis visit us in Cleveland, and traveling to St. Louis to visit my family.  The kids start school a week from tomorrow, so I am scrambling to get everything organized and ready for school while also trying to enjoy these last few days of summer!

As I was waiting on some samples to arrive to choose the fabric for my daughter, Caroline's bedroom roman shades, we took a family vacation to beautiful Mackinac Island, Michigan.  We had so much fun biking, exploring, enjoying the beautiful scenery, sprawling lawns, quaint homes, etc. During a bike ride one day, we stopped in the charming and preppy Grand Hotel cafe, the Jockey Club.  I was inspired by this adorable floral fabric awning that spanned the entire ceiling of their outdoor patio, and I thought perhaps something colorful and floral might be fun in Caroline's room. So, I decided to order some Lilly Pulitzer fabric samples and I am debating on the fabrics below. The only tricky part is that I picked a very coral-y pink for the striped walls in her room, and they don't exactly complement the more bold hot pink and bubble-gum pinks in many of these Lilly fabrics, so I may pick a primarily green or blue print...Also, some of the fabrics have a heavier cotton texture which I love, while others have a more flimsy polyester feel, which I don't.

These top few are my favorites thus far....

Although, I am still hung up on this one as a possibility OR....

I love this one too...

Hibiscus Stroll

Minty Fresh on the Rocks

Nosie Posey


Turquoise Exbloomsion

Trunk in Love

Swept by the Tides

Green Everything Nice

Portrait of a Picnic

Worth Blue May Flower

In a Pinch

Fronds Place

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Window Treatments for Caroline's Room...Styles, Fabrics, Trims...

I am currently working with my friend Andrea Mediate, with local business, Curtains Up, to make custom window treatments for my daughter, Caroline's room...She has done custom work for many friends throughout our community, and she is known for her beautiful work!  My head is spinning with so many fabric and style options!!  I am considering either a faux roman shade or a simple box pleat valance.
Inspiration Board for her bedroom design....

Here is a shot of her painted room w coral/pink wide stripes, kelly greens and blues....

A few examples of Andrea's work are below...

Faux Roman Shades, Curtains Up

Roman shades, Curtains Up

Fun awning window treatment she did for a kitchen, Curtains Up

Love the idea of a contrasting trim, Curtains Up

I am considering a similar geometric trellis pattern, Curtains Up

Adorable variation of the roman shade with side pleats, Curtains Up

Some other fun ideas of different styles with different silhouettes and trim..
Roman shade with tassle trim
Another interesting shape with tassle trim

Interesting shape with a chinoiserie vibe
Roman shade with tape trim AND tassles

Love this Peter Dunham fig leaf fabric

LoomDecor Udaya Berry

LoomDecor Mandha Sea


LoomDecor Kelly Green Linen

This is the fabric pattern I am considering but in a periwinkle blue background color P Kaufman, DrawnCompany Etsy

Cute with pom pom fringe

Love the idea of a subtle pattern with bold, contrasting trim! Pink Clutch Blog, DrawnCompany Etsy
Again here...Decor Pad

Pattern with contrasting trim...

Cute Greek Key edge design
Another Greek Key with kelly green trim

Simple white curtains with Greek Key trim
Contrasting Trim

Caitlin Wilson

Fun monogram idea

Also love this more neutral, subtle trim detail

This would make a fun shade with a nice graphic neutral color pattern with bold hot pink or orange trim, DrawnCompany Etsy

Some fun fabric options...the top one was my original pick, but I am open to other ideas below...

P Kaufman Fretwork from Mary Jo's Fabric store in Charlotte

Clairebella Llama

Decorators Best Kravet $32

Clairebella Topiary Green

Decorators Best Duralee Sky Blue $26

Clairebella Pagodas

Decorators Best Lee Jofa Lilly Pulitzer

Decorators Best Kravet Gerbera Kate Spade

Decorators Best Kravet Madira Sea

Decorators Best Schumacher Parade Blueberry - I adore this for a little girl's room!!

Decorators Best Clark & Clark Ebba Sky -
Again, I think this subtle pattern would be cute with a bold contrasting hot pink trim!

LS Fabrics Hadera $30
Again, I think this subtle pattern would be cute with a bold contrasting hot pink trim!

LS Fabrics Ming Pagoda
Some cute trim options....

Decorators Best Duralee 1" Tape, $12

Decorators Best Kravet SURAJ Trim 

Decorators Best Stroheim Bloomsbury Pink Orange

LS Fabrics Athens Key

LS Fabrics Greek Key

Decorators Best Schumacher

Decorators Best DoubleDot Trim Kate Spade

Decorators Best Kravet TripleDot Trim Kate Spade

Decorators Best Schumacher Matrix Tape Sky

Decorators Best Robert Allen Greek Key Braid

Decorators Best Schumacher Octavius Trim, 6 inch...(Mary McDonald)