Monday, January 9, 2012

Charlotte, NC: House #3

After a mere four months in Newburyport, MA (just north of Boston), we moved south to Charlotte, NC. Of course I was thrilled since my sister and her family coincidently lived there!  We settled in south Charlotte, close to my husband's office.  It was typical urban growth new suburb feel with sprawling developments, small trees, and brand new homes at incredibally affordable prices.  For the same price as our Newburyport home, we tripled our square feet and lot sizes.

More pics to come of our home in Charlotte, NC

We had a cute little gazebo in our back yard, which was large, flat and fenced in, perfect for our three children (which of course did not exist at the time!)

Our dining room, set for a baby shower we threw for a friend. Note the dark paint color, Benjamin Moore's Copley Grey. This was used by prior owners throughout the house. Although I never would have been clever enough to pick it, it went well with our existing decor, made our rugs and art pop on the walls, and created a warm and cozy feel.  Had I picked the lighter BM Lenox Tan from our home in Kansas City, it may have felt larger and colder due to larger square footage and open floor plan with two-story family room.

I was pretty happy with the festive table for the baby shower - flowers were so cute in pink and white roses in little bubble vases...

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