Wednesday, January 18, 2012

For the love of art continued!

Since I am on an art-appreciation kick, I wanted to attach a few more paintings by local artist Mary Deutschman. Her use of color to create energy, depth, light/dark contrast is brilliant.  I would love to take a painting course by her one day.  If you run into my husband next year during the holidays, you could kindly suggest one as a gift for his wife!

During our trip to Captiva, FL last spring, we saw this amazing mural in the Fort Meyer's airport. Vintage records were used to create this massive "quilt".  Although my two boys aged 4 and 5 have neither seen nor heard the iconic vinyl record, they were in awe of this magnificent work of art.  I loved this for two reasons: its aesthetic appeal and its throwback to some old-school memories.  Which records do you remember listening to? For me, it was my sister and I playing choreographer/dancer in the living room to the "Grease" soundtrack.  Genious!

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