Wednesday, January 11, 2012

For the love of art

During a trip to Chicago, this genius black and white painting of the John Hancock building was found in the Sofitel elevator.

Atlanta antique store had these adorable large scale prints of lemons and grapefruits...almost purchased but regretfully passed.  They are so cheerful and would add a pop of color to my little girl, Caroline's room.

From the same Atlanta antique store, I did purchase this painting. I loved the serene scene, vivid color and strong depth perception.

While studying abroad in the late 90's, I bought this mixed media painting from a street artist on the Charles Bridge in Prague. I loved the Van Gogh-like impressionistic style and bright beautiful colors of the architecture in Prague.

While traveling throughout Europe with my sister the summer before college, I bought this pretty impressionistic painting from a street artist in Paris.

Thanks to my Mother's estate sale find, my first apartment in Chicago was graced with this colorful scenic painting...I could pretend I was still traveling around Southern Italy...Portofino perhaps!?

During a visit to my hometown, St. Louis, my Mom and I visited a local art exhibit and I fell in love with Donald Curran's work. I purchased two of his paintings. I picked this one with my husband in mind, an avid boater and fisherman. 

The other Donald Curran painting I bought. This scene of a neighborhood grill-out gives me a little bit of warmth during our snowy winter months!

My first art purchase after college. I loved the balance and movement of color: bright yellows, oranges, greens and blues...and the reflexion in the water is so peaceful!

I loved viewing this painting by local artist, Mary Deutschman, on display at BayArts in Bay boys went to art camp there this summer and I loved viewing all of the local artists' work!

My novice attempt at a pencil drawing of my son, Jack as a baby

My most recent art purchase from my talented Uncle Jim Einspanier! We visited his home studio over the holidays in St. Louis and it was so inspiring and delightful to view his work!

My son Jack's first (quasi) still life...he drew this at our local Mitchell's ice cream shop of the train that circulates around the perimeter of the technically, a "moving" still life ; )

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