Wednesday, January 18, 2012

For the love of children's lit (and attempt at healthy eating!)

In the pursuit of healthy eating (perhaps inspired by Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution?), I encourage my children to eat foods from all of the food groups, and particularly, from various colors of the rainbow.  In the spirit of this (attempt) at healthy eating, and a little help from ClipArt, we decided to write a little children's book on the subject....enjoy!

What colors of the rainbow will you eat today? 
By Jack & Charlie Patterson (and a little help from Mommy too!)

Jack and Charlie ventured with their mommy to the market.

Their car drove in circles until they could park it.

Mommy said, “Let’s pick foods that are colors of the rainbow!

The local farmers offer the freshest ones they grow!”

The bins were full of colors. They were cheery and bright.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple – what a beautiful sight!

The APPLE said, “Pick me! I am red, crunchy, and sweet!”

The ORANGE said, “Pick me! I am orange and juicy, with Vitamin C!”

The BANANA said, “Pick me! I am yellow – the brightest color to be found!”

The KIWI said, “Pick me! I am green, fuzzy, and round!”

The BLUEBERRIES said, “Pick us! We are so good for your brain!”

The GRAPES said, “Pick us! We are purple, and a great snack for the plane!”

The PEACH said, “Pick me! I am orange, and a savory summer dessert!”

The WATERMELON said, “Pick me! I am red and so juicy, I might squirt on your shirt!”

With eyes bright and wide, the boys wanted to know, “Are we finished yet? Now can we go?”

Mommy replied, “Not yet, we must find colorful vegetables they grow!”

The TOMATO said, “Pick me! I am red, smooth, and shiny!”

The baby CARROT said, “Pick me! I am orange crunchy, and tiny!” 

The CORN said, “Pick me! I am yellow, juicy, and sweet!”

The SQUASH said, “Pick me! When you bake me, I taste like a treat!

The LETTUCE said, “Pick me! I am green, leafy, and good for you too!”

The CELERY said, “Pick me! I am green, fun for dipping, and a great snack for the zoo!”

The EGGPLANT said, “Pick me! I am purple and smooth, with a meaty texture!”

The POTATO said, “Pick me! I am brown and delicious, and my skin has lots of fiber!”

With eyes bright and wide, the boys wanted to know, “Are we finished yet? Now can we go?”

Mommy replied, “Yes! Our basket is colorful and complete. This market is full of delicious foods to eat!

We have finally found, after searching high and low, fresh fruits and vegetables in colors of the rainbow!

Now, let us go home and sample a few. These foods are so yummy and good for us too!”

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