Friday, January 20, 2012

Must read for all parents!

Several friends have recently posted a link via FB to the following article (see link below). I found this to be so insightful, well-written, and TRUE!! A must read for all parents! It is written by Glennon Melton, and is titled "Don't Carpe Diem".  As I read this article I felt as if I was chatting with a close friend, venting over the joys and stresses of motherhood.  I am often discussing with friends this constant internal struggle around the following thought process: "of course I love my children more than anything but I don't always love the JOB of motherhood".  We all have moments or days where things are running smoothly, we are ever present for our children, they are engaged, happy, and having fun.  These are the days when we manage more than "it was a successful day if they are alive and breathing, and peacefully asleep." We are living a less-glamorous version of Kelly Ripa in an Eletrolux commercial, and we are feeling "even more amazing!" On these days, we are able to accomplish anything, we feel confident and effective in our approach to parenting, and we have fleeting thoughts of expanding our brood.  However, we have moments or days that are quite the opposite end of this spectrum. As another mom declared, we are living extreme highs and lows. We literally want to run away, hide in a remote corner of our house and let our kids fend for, fight with, and feed themselves! It is a day to day emotional tug of war. But, as any elderly person in Target (as Glennon Melton discusses in her article) will tell you, "It all goes by so quickly. Enjoy them while they are young." So, I try to keep this in perspective, remember that we are raising children for a relatively short period within the long spectrum of our lives, and survive with some humor (and wine) along the way!


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