Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Grandma's Little Black Skirt

Grandma's little black skirt...

My cousin's wife, Denise Bossert, is a writer for the St. Louis Review, a weekly publication for the Archdiocese of St. Louis, as well as other Catholic publications throughout the U.S.  She is the daughter of a Protestant minister, who converted to Catholicism later in life.  Although, I do not see her very often, I always enjoy her sweet nature, gentle manner, and loving demeanor.  Additionally, after reading her work, I am highly impressed by her talent, insight, and strong faith.

Recently, I was alerted to her 2/8/12 article, "Like Grandma's Black Skirt, We Could All Use Some Spiritual Fitting."  She references a story my mother, Lucia, told about my grandmother, Anna Bossert.  I could not help but laugh at this cute little story, particularly since it was new to me as well.  Furthermore, I found inspiration not only in Denise's spiritual message, but also, in my grandmother's apparent (and ironic, given her German heritage) discipline for healthy eating!  Perhaps I will make a greater effort to focus my "energy outward to those in need."  For example, I could call our local senior center to offer some company, dinner, or errands to some elderly residents, particularly those with little to no family in town. Additionally, I will be giving up chocolate AND pizza for lent this year!  The link to her article is attached below.


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