Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cleveland to Captiva

We recently traveled to Captiva Island, Florida for a much-needed-mid-winter vacation. Amidst our endless renovation projects, my husband's busy/traveling work schedule, and the inevitable grey (yet unseasonably warm) Cleveland skies, we were due for some R&R.  Below are February 2012 pictures of some shots in Cleveland, as well as our trip to Captiva.

Daddy took the kids for a 'treat' (our favorite chocolate chip cookies made with sea salt) at local coffee shop/bakery, Blackbird Bakery in Lakewood, OH...I loved this picture for so many components: the cute bird paintings on bright green wall in the background, random globe sitting on their table (impromptu geography lesson perhaps?), and their happy, smiling, chocolate-induced faces! 

Trying to get creative with ways to keep my 5-yr old son, Jack, engaged...we sorted, counted, and tallied the coin jar...he is the product of two nerdy bean-counters, I suppose!

Sassy stance by Caroline at local iconic Bearden's Diner in Rocky River...yummy burgers, fries, shakes (we try not to frequent too often!) 

A rare moment of peace and cooperation in our house....Charlie 'teaching' Caroline how to work some puzzles.

We were all down and out with a mild flu-like bug in late Feb...Caroline cashed out on the couch.

Caroline patiently granite-shopping with Mommy for basement bathroom counter tops....luckily, she was entertained by ginormous cranes/machines used to move huge slabs of granite!

Another rare peaceful moment by Charlie and Caroline...random synergistic gig featuring cuddle time with Madeline doll 

Finally arrived on Captiva Island!!

Headed straight to one of our favorite local spots, Cantina Captiva, for margaritas, black bean quesadillas (for the kids), and fish tacos!

After dinner, we went to the beach just in time to watch a beautiful sunset!

I love these cool silhouette shots!

At Mucky Duck...I am pretty sure my kids were NOT supposed to be putting shells and other random elements into this strange free-standing ashtray, but with Corona in hand, sitting on a beach chair listening to Bob Marley, who cares!?

We were boarding a trolley at South Seas and I took this pic of my boys, only to discover later it was Ted Koppel (far left) riding with his (supposed) grandson....

Charlie and Caroline playing a ring-toss game at Mucky Duck...for some reason, my camera only focused in on Caroline's face in these pics...thought they were cute!

Another random sighting of Ted Koppel at Starbucks...identity confirmed via eavesdropping as follows...
Barista: "What is your name?"
Mystery man: "Ted" 

Waiting for the trolley...merely utilitarian for Mommy and Daddy, yet a main event for the kids!

Walking to meet Daddy and the boys at the end of the dock to watch the Manatees

Dinner at another local favorite, R.C. Otters....live music was best on the island. Caroline agrees.

Passive and peaceful protest by Caroline, literally refusing to leave the pool on our last day.

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