Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Interesting Mommy Articles

After enjoying a few breaks from my normal routine this past Mother's Day, I wanted to share links to a few interesting Mommy-related articles I have recently encountered.

First, Huffington Post blogger Shelley Abreu's "Mothers are worth more than $112,962".  Interesting and amusing break down of the individual roles used in the computation analysis of an annual salary of $112,962, and why this number is likely understated.


Secondly, Huffington Post writer Mindy Berry Walker's (for Babble.com) "A 'Happy' Mom's Confession: I'm Not So Nice at Home".  Although I have never been a big cryer, and therefore cannot commiserate with her tales of breaking down in front of her children, her sentiments here are completely relatable. It is refreshing to hear about her candid perspective on the challenges of being a SAHM.


Third, is Huffington Post writer Claire McCarthy's "When Kids Make Us Look Bad: My McDonald's Moment", about a pediatrician's son's surprise McDonalds-ad-like-drawing of french fries as his prized artwork at a district-wide art show, and the accompanying embarrassment that ensued.


Fourth is Huffington Post writer Jenny Isenman's "40 Things Every Mom Should Have and Should Know by 40".  A humorous and light-hearted take on mommyhood, living, learning, and laughing.


Lastly, and perhaps my recent favorite, is Boston.com's Kara Baskin's "Am I Mom Enough? A Motherhood Wish List", a refreshing commentary on Time magazine's controversial cover of a Mom nursing her three year old.


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