Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sprinkler + Sidewalk Chalk = Messy Fun!

This past weekend, our neighbor's son and grandson (James) were in town for a visit from NYC, and came over to play one afternoon....What started as a routine activity of sprinkler time on our front lawn gradually morphed into a porch art fest resulting in what appeared to be a mini cast for The Blue Man Group.  Of course, this all went down while I was showering to get ready for a neighborhood wine festival....clearly, as I came downstairs to the scene below (see below pics), I had a good laugh! Unfortunately, the 'washable' sidewalk chalk proved to be a stubborn mess, requiring way too much scrubbing (to be legitimately considered 'washable') to wash off.  Nevertheless, the kids had a ball, so it was all worth it of course.  Conclusion: sprinkler + sidewalk chalk = messy, creative fun!

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