Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Boxwoods in Landscape Design...

As we round the corner into spring, I love to find inspiration (and relish the healthy dose of green) in landscape design...The lush, dense, and rich-in-color boxwood provides versatility and impact in any outdoor space.

I prefer the rounded ball shape (but not TOO meticulously-pruned) mixed with a square-shaped planter.  Additionally, I like the more organic planter materials: weathered wood, 'roughed-up' terracotta, stone, etc.  In terms of arrangement, boxwoods can make a big impact either through repetition of the same style/size, a grouping of same style in varying sizes, OR along a landscape grade such as stairs, a pool, front walkway, porch, etc....The first time I spotted a series of boxwoods in terracotta pots graduating up the front steps to the Delano hotel in South Beach many moons ago, it was love at first sight ; )  

This is a more grandiose scale, but it sort of looked like this...

The below photos speak for themselves...Just a little dose of spring cheer in hopes the sunshine will be coming our way soon ; )

Love the graphic punch of a series of boxwoods...

Love a larger-scale square wood planter for either side of front door...

Interesting to group similar planter style in varying sizes...
Restoration Hardware
Restoration Hardware
While these square shaped boxwoods are certainly beautiful in a formal-English-garden way, this shape is TOO high-maintenance for a household already lacking a green thumb....

Kelly Wearstler's Patio
Kelly Wearstler's Patio

How about a collection of boxwoods in baskets?
Love the organic clay or terracotta pots..

Love these large square wood planters with studded-metal trim

Williams Sonoma

Happy spring and hope you are enjoying the sunshine!

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