Monday, December 31, 2012

RRWC Holiday Home Tour, Home Renderings

I am always a believer in giving back (even in the smallest ways) to the communities in which we live.  Particularly during the holidays, I find it important to count our blessings and make an effort to give (in goods and/or services) to those in need.  Although they are still little and perhaps don't fully understand or appreciate the value in giving, I try to engage my little ones as much as possible in this process.  We gather books, toys, clothes, food, etc., to various school and church drives, so they can develop a greater appreciation for the blessings we have and empathy for those who do not.

With respect to service, I have always enjoyed performing direct service work rather than serving on fundraiser committees, for example.  I am happy to volunteer for such fundraising projects, and I have participated in the Junior League, etc....but given the choice, I would rather build houses with Habitat for Humanity, deliver dinner to the elderly with Meals on Wheels, or teach basic economics to first graders with Junior Achievement, for example.  It brings a greater sense of meaning and fulfillment to our lives to share our time and talents with less fortunate members of our community.

As a side note, I recently read an interesting little article in the Dec/Jan '13 Scholastic Parent and Child magazine, "Make Your Hometown Happier" by Lambeth Hochwald, about some insightful ideas for "incredibly busy kids and families to give back to their communities" to be provided once available online....

Since we moved to Cleveland with two babies and one quickly on the way, I have not made as much time for volunteer work as I would like.  Yet, this year I took on the small task of coordinating the gift bags for the participant homeowners of the annual Rocky River Women's Club Holiday Home Tour.  Local architect, Tom Liggett, of The Arcus Group, so generously offered to donate his time and talents to draw renderings of the participant homes.  Additionally, Amy Baumberger, owner of The Frame Artist graciously donated framing for the drawings to be given as 'thank you' gifts to the homeowners.  I was blown away not only by their generosity, but also their artistic talent!  I was so impressed, I decided to commission Tom Liggett to do a rendering of our own home.

Below are some examples of his work.

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